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Webserver is an internet facing device; therefore, it is important to manage its security before it becomes an entry point for attackers if not configured properly. At CyberSec Consulting, we understand that attack on the Webserver can cause a huge damage to your business by allowing modification of user information available in the host machine of the web server, data theft and loss of other important information’s. To help you come over this worry, we offer Server Security hardening.

At CyberSec Consulting, we have a team of experts who understand that each environment is unique therefore, we offer a customized server hardening plan that will suit your applications to increase the security and stability. We offer 24/7 service which includes automatic regular checking of many of the hardening items. Along with the security check, we will also notify you well in advance about the critical hardware and operating system security alerts.


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It is the process of tuning the server operating system to strengthen the security which further helps in preventing the unauthorized access. This is done by,

  • Identifying the unsecured ports,
  • Blocking the unused ports and protocols
  • Disabling the services which are not needed

All these together reduces the scope of attack on the server.

Since you are well aware about the risk carried along by the server, you must realize the need of server hardening. As a service provider our professionals consider it their responsibility to maintain the secure and risk-free server for your business. For this, our experts ensure

  • That the hardening standards are at par and in sync with industry benchmarks
  • That the servers are patched and configured to adhere with these standards.
  • That without impacting the functionality, non-compliant items are fixed within the given time frame.

Along with the Server Hardening plan, we also offer Patch and Remediation Management. Our patching module covers not only the standard operating system patches, but also others applicable to databases and critical endpoint software such as Microsoft Office, Java, Adobe, browsers, etc.


Thus, we ensure a detailed check on server to find out any flaws and security lapse. If discovered any, we make sure to treat it with proper security solution. Our Server Security Hardening is designed to properly fence your server and keep it secure for smooth functioning.

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