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Risk and Compliance

Each organisation needs right combination of security risk management solutions to reduce their threat surface and IT costs, boost operational efficiencies, and to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.

  • The time taken to escalate and respond to security alerts is reduced.
  • Accurate, consolidated incident analysis and reporting is received.
  • Focuses on incident management and response.
  • Effort required to triage and remediate incidents is reduced.
  • Helps security analyst to prioritize incidents based on business requirements.
  • Security incidents and workflows are documented for further investigations

Security Incident Management is important for each organisation and therefore, at CyberSec Consulting we offer multiple solutions to take care of each aspect of the risk and compliance of your network.

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We offer quick response to any threat incidents within the organisation by speeding up investigation and remediation. With this relatively new cybersecurity solution, our team will help your organisation in identifying the right way to make use of this technology.


To secure the digital assets of an organisation, both on premise and in the cloud, is one of the prominent concerns of the organisations. This is done with the help of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Tools. As a concept Security Analytics is a continuation of SIEM. It continues the process of log collection and focuses on the analysis piece. Security Analytics is important to be introduced to each organisation and our team will help you in doing so.


An updated and multilayered threat security mechanism is required to protect the organisation from advanced persistent threats. It is important to keep a check upon the threats in advance to secure the network of your organisation. Our security engineers offer innovative and effective anti-malware technology model so that you get a clear visibility into email, web threats, and content. Our team offers built-in threat intelligence model to mitigate risks within the organization.


Along with the already existing regulation, there are many other laws that keep getting passed. For an organisation to be trustworthy, it is important to implement and maintain all these laws. Therefore, Configuration and Compliance Management is an essential task for any organisation to maintain its reputation. We offer visibility and support to help your enterprise become compliant to the framework. We also offer automated configuration tracking to show compliance to auditors helping you identify problems faster and streamline IT remediation

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