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Through our Red Teaming Assessment, we perform penetration testing to identify the vulnerabilities in your organisation’s network. We also help you in securing your network against cyber-attack and get the solution for the vulnerabilities that are found.

Our security experts will act like the cyberattacked and will try to break through the defense perimeter of your organisation by using any means that are available to us. This would help us as well as you to know the gaps in your network. Our Red Teaming Assessment assures the improvement of your security posture by testing your program’s capabilities against real-world attack scenarios.

Backdooring And Exploitation

In this phase, our Red Team tries to backdooring the data center, network, and server. Our experts can exploit the applications, infrastructure, and systems depending upon the vulnerabilities. Thus, we collect confidential and restricted information about the organization. We also identify vulnerabilities in wireless devices and exploit those devices on the basis of those security lapses.

Identifying the Security Flaws

After gathering the information our team identifies the security flaws in the security process, such as gates, data centers, restricted areas security, or the management area of office facilities. We do this by accessing the internal application or hosts by connecting to the internal network infrastructure. This access allows us to perform a network enumeration where we finally find out potential vulnerabilities in the applications.

We Follow the Best Practices in The Industry

Our team has experts who follow the best practices of assessment as per the market standards. They have experience in conducting assessments in critical infrastructure sectors – including energy, healthcare, and telecommunication providers.


At the end of the assessment, we offer detailed, customized reports with actionable recommendations to aid in remediating identified issues post-engagement.

Real-world attack scenarios

Our experts follow realistic attack scenarios using tactics, techniques, and procedures seen in real-world attacks

Documentation, Findings, and Recommendations

Finally, when the assessment gets over, we provide a detailed report with the vulnerabilities found within the system. On the basis of that, we also offer remediation and mitigation for the conventional and not-so-conventional vulnerabilities, respectively.
Customizable objectives

We perform the customized assessment as per the need of your organisation with objectives based on the most relevant risks to your organization.
Some of the objectives we try to achieve are:

• Obtaining access to PCI data
• Obtaining access to personally identifiable information (PII)
• Obtaining access to trade secrets

Our Methodology

As a Red Team, the experts of CyberSec Consulting involve a systematic, repeatable and reproducible methodology of assessment. We start with understanding the internal network environment of your organisation and collecting core information. We share the rules of engagement with our clients and following it we move forward to perform the assessment. We set the assessment objective on the basis of initial stage of the assessment.

• Whether we have information about your environment (white box) or with no information at all (black box).
• the information we have about high-risk assets and vulnerabilities in the client’s industry and,
• what all will be covered by our Red Team of accomplish in simulating a real-world attack.

CyberSec Consulting is your Strategic Services and Education Partner

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