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Palo Alto Networks Training

Palo Alto Networks Official and Certified Trainings

CyberSec Consulting and Consigas have signed a Palo Alto Networks (PANW) Training Delivery Partnership agreement to provide official Palo Alto Networks training across the Middle East, Africa, and India market. This will help bring CyberSec Consulting in a position to attract more customers and increase its market share to sell official training to customers and partners in the region. ​Let the Experience and Passion of our trainer guide you – CyberSec Consulting is a Authorized Global Training Partner and Consigas was recognized with the “Excellence in Training Award” in 2019 and 2016 by Palo Alto Networks. The difference is made by our instructor who have many years of field experience which they bring with them into the classroom.

  • Live Instructor-led Training (Classroom Based or Virtual) course which you can take either over full days or half-day sessions.
  • Best Practices & Real Life Experience  all of our instructors are security consultants that design, implement, migrate, manage and support Palo Alto Networks solutions all day, every day. It’s this experience which they bring into the classroom to explain not only the theory but how to use the FireWall in real-life. Customers tell us that this is most valuable for them and what differentiates our training from most other training partners.
  • Certification Voucher as part of the training, you will receive a voucher to do the PCNSA Certification exam at a Pearson VUE testing centre (Applicable for ED-210)
  • Video Recordings* it’s impossible to remember everything in live training, which is why we are recording it and share the video with you. If you like to start studying right away, then we can even share the videos of a previous course.
  • Dedicated Lab Access for 3 months* you will have access to your own dedicated lab which you can use not only during the course, but for full three month. Your virtual lab consists of a Windows Client, Palo Alto Networks FireWall and DMZ Linux Server with a lab guide for practical exercises.

* This comes up with an additional cost.


Palo Alto Network Courses

  • FireWall Configuration and Management (EDU-210) – In this course you will learn all of the fundamentals about the Next-Generation FireWall starting with an overview on the Threat Landscape and all the Threat Prevention techniques that are necessary to secure a network, how to setup the FireWall from scratch including networking, VPNs, Remote Access, High Availability over to all the Next-Generation FireWall capabilities like Application Identification, Content-ID (AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, Vulnerability Protection, URL Filtering, File Blocking), User Identification, SSL Decryption, Wildfire as well as Monitoring and Reporting. For each topic, your instructor will explain besides the concepts and configuration also real life security best practices and show you basic troubleshooting. As an add-on to the official course, our instructor will also show an example config migration using the Migration Tool “Expedition”. The course content are all fundamentals specific to Palo Alto Networks so no matter how many years of experience you have with other FireWall vendors, this course is still essential for you. If you already have one to two years of experience with the Next-Generation FireWall then ask yourself if you already master all of the topics shown in the course curriculum before you decide to skip this course. Download the course content
  • Optimizing FireWall Threat Prevention (EDU-214) – In the Firewall Configuration and Management (EDU-210) course you learn how to setup the FireWall from scratch to pass traffic, but this isn’t sufficient to secure your network. With this course you will learn how to leverage the full potential of the Next-Generation FireWall by first of all understanding the Cyber-Attack Life cycle and what types of threats attackers are using to infiltrate a network. This knowledge we will then use to go in depth into all the threat prevention capabilities like for instance Denial of Service Protection, blocking threats from known-bad sources using dynamic intelligence feeds, custom Application and Threat signatures, blocking threats in encrypted traffic as well as preventing credential theft and abuse. At the end of the training, our instructor will go beyond the standard course content and show you a real life configuration example on how to combine all of the different threat prevention techniques as well as how to design a web access policy and investigate threats by correlating indicators of compromise from logs and reports. Download the course content
  • Panorama: Managing Firewalls at Scale (EDU-220) – If you are or planning to use Panorama to manage multiple FireWalls in your infrastructure then you should take this course. The Panorama management is very similar to the FireWall but it has a additional concepts like device-groups and templates that are essential to understand. The main focus of this course, besides all the Panorama concepts and initial configuration, is to show how you design and manage an infrastructure with many FireWalls because if the structure isn’t setup right from the beginning, then this usually means a lot of extra work and complications at a later stage. If you are using Panorama only for centralised logging and reporting then you might skip this course. Download the course content
  • FireWall Troubleshooting (EDU-330) – Knowing how to troubleshoot FireWall issues is critical as most services in an enterprise network depend on the communication flowing through it. In turn, this is also often the reason why the FireWall is being blamed for issues that it has nothing to do with. The Next-Generation FireWall is very powerful when it comes to troubleshooting as it allows us to follow a packet step by step to determine if its dropped by the FireWall and why or simply provide prove that an issue is not caused by the FireWall at all. In this course you will learn how to use all the troubleshooting tools and resources both on the GUI and CLI. The instructor will explain in depth the flow logic so you get to know the inner workings of the FireWall. In addition to communication, you will also learn how to troubleshoot system services including performance, certificate management and SSL Decryption, User-ID as well as GlobalProtect Remote Access and IPSEC VPN.It is most effective to take this course once you have gained a solid level of practical experience, usually 2-3 month. However if you are facing a big project then its also highly beneficial to do this course right away after the FireWall: Configuration and Management (EDU-210) course as it gives you the necessary troubleshooting skills and tools to solve a lot of issues that you will most likely run into. With our virtual Instructor-led courses, we always provide you with the video recording of the training so you can always go back and review specific topics again. Download the course content
  • Prisma Access SASE Security: Design and Operation (EDU-318) This course describes Prisma Access Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). This course is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to secure remote networks and mobile users. Successful completion of this two-day, instructor-led course will help enhance your understanding of how to design, implement and operate the Prisma Access solution to better protect your applications in remote networks, and for mobile users using a SASE implementation. Download the course content

Palo Alto Networks Virtual Training

CyberSec Consulting in cooperation with Consigas brings the official Palo Alto Networks Training online to make it more flexible while creating a more effective learning environment. Although classroom training’s have a high social factor as they bring people together for intense studies, it comes at the expense of taking an engineer out of work for 3-5 full days and at the same time does not provide the most effective learning environment as a lot of topics are taught at once without giving the trainee much time to process all of this information.

With the Palo Alto Networks Virtual Training, CyberSec Consulting is addressing these challenges to make the training more flexible and effective. Beside the normal full day schedule, we also offer courses as morning sessions from 9am till 12:30pm (Irish or US Central Time). With this, the trainee has more time to process all information which results in a more effective learning and better understanding. At the same time, it is flexible as the training can be taken from any PC with an Internet connection. The seminars are also being recorded so trainees can watch it again in case they miss a session or would like to review certain content once more. Trainees will also have access to a remote lab with a dedicated firewall per student during the entire week as well as the week after the course which can be used for additional exploration and testing. The official course material can be chosen as electronic version as an OnSecure Secure eBook or hardcopy.

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