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Cyber Security Landscape in 2020

Cyber Security Landscape in 2020

Cyber Security is a very serious and important issue for the year 2020 which has to be taken care by the companies and organizations throughout the world. The Cyber Security Landscape of the year 2019 comprised of many attacks which are growing as the days are progressing. Cyber-attacks have been increasing and at the same the time, cyber security tools and protection practices have also been increasing according to the attacks. Many organizations, industries and experts predicted the cyber security threats for this year 2020. I have gone through the reports and predictions of many individuals, organizations and my-self predicted some of the consequences which we may face in this year. Some of the things which we can expect from 2020 Cyber Security Landscape are:

Ransomware Attacks will increase effectively: In the previous year, there were many ransom ware attacks on various industries in different fields like businesses, universities and health care industries. The cost of ransomware attacks on health care industries in 2019 was $25 billion. Ransomware attacks are highly profitable and easy for the hackers to carry out. Ransom attacks will be increasing on some businesses and industries like insurance companies and on industries which do not have any cyber security protection.

The number of mobile devices used across the world is increasing continuously. This makes the hackers sophisticated to steal the personal data stored in a mobile device. Hackers are using public Wi-Fi networks as an advantage and attacks will increase based on public wifi’s in 2020. There will be an increase in attacks based on social engineering as 91% of the cybercrimes start with fake emails which are going to be made more real with the tactics of hackers. The devices which we use the most will be the popular attack surface.

The most basic attack is a phishing attack where most of the cybercrimes start with this attack. In 2020, we can expect more advanced and convincing phishing attacks. Phishing is an evergreen attack which can get credentials and identities, payments and so on, the threat will not go away even in 2020 and moreover it’s going to be more effective.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the most effective fields right now and even in our future but at the same time, there are complexities when hackers use AI and ML in cyber-attacks because these are going to make the work easier with less lines of code. Using AI, attack can be made more destructive and dangerous. In 2020, attacks using AI and ML are going to increase effectively.

Here is a picture which depicts the top cyber-attack categories in 2019

In recent times, every business and infrastructure is moving towards cloud. So there will be security issues due to the cloud based threats and these threats will grow enormously in 2020.

In the previous year, we have faced many cyber incidents regarding data breach. The data breach had been one among the most frequent attacks. It was one of the biggest cyber security concern in 2019 and it is going to continues in 2020.

The awareness regarding the cyber security threats and challenges will continue to grow not only in major industries but also in small industries and businesses. Even a small company is going to realize the importance of effective strategies and response plans to the face the cyber-attacks.

Finally, the organizations and businesses should not get carried away by concentrating on new technologies, they should take care about the security and privacy issues and should maintain a team to look after the privacy concerns and stay protected from cyber-attacks. Hope you got the information and predictions regarding the cyber security landscape 2020 and act according to it.

Stay safe, Stay healthy and stay protected online…..

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  • Peter Grace
    Posted at 13:25h, 13 June

    Excellent Blog and good insight about the threat patterns in 2020…

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