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At CyberSec Consulting, we understand the importance of Configuration Reviews be it Network configuration, Security, or Server Devices. Even the slightest lapse in the configuration of any of these can cause a huge loss in terms of data, revenue and productivity. This can further result in the loss of the customer. To save your organizations from any of these unfortunate losses, we have a team of experts to perform,

  • Network Device Configuration Reviews
  • Server Build Reviews
  • Security Device Configuration Reviews
At CyberSec Consulting we perform Wireless Security Assessments on the basis of documented best practices. It includes.

Network devices are essential for the operation of any organisation. None of the business can afford the compromise in the configuration of Network device. We perform a comprehensive and in-depth security audit of network components like switches and routers, to find out the vulnerabilities in their configuration and remediate them immediately. Our experts ensure a security check at every level and fences the network device against all possible threats.


Servers are the backbone of any business infrastructure and there is consistent attack threat to them from the malicious hackers. Therefore, it is important to understand and maintain the security check over them. Server Build Reviews by us will you in maintaining the security standards of the server at regulatory or internal standards. Thus, you will be able to deploy servers on your network confidently as they will be fenced properly against vulnerabilities. Our experts follow industry parameters and cover all major operating systems like Windows, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, OSX, and Linux.


Firewalls, VPN endpoints and IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) are the security devices which form an important component of any network. They are a part of security management of the organisation. But if they are not configured effectively and securely, they can result in data theft and huge loss to the organisation. Through our Security Device Configuration Reviews
we check this security of these devices and make sure that they are operating as securely as expected. Thus, you can operate your business with the confidence that devices such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems are providing the security as much as possible. This configuration review by our experts include any vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the configuration of security devices in their report, along with the solutions to secure the device

The team of experts at CyberSec Consulting have great experience in conducting the configuration reviews. They form a customized report based on key gaps in the security of your organisation which will help you in gaining in-depth view of critical device security. We cover all possible security threats and ensure the best performance of the device.

CyberSec Consulting is your Strategic Services and Education Partner

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