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Code Audit


Source Code Audit is an efficient way of detecting flaws in the application. This review also helps in the detailed evaluation of the entire code layout of the application including the areas like entry points for different inputs, internal interfaces and integrations, along with other application related areas. There are chances of missing the vulnerabilities through automated Code Scan. But code audit is the most reliable process of detecting weak algorithms, identifying design flaws, finding insecure configurations and spotting insecure coding practices. Providing solutions and report of the entire review is the part of the audit. Our Security Team performs the audit using the best practices in the market.

CyberSec Consulting uses hybrid approach that includes market compliance automated tools, scripts created by our security experts, and source code review experts.We offer Source Code Review to identify the unexpected security breaches, vulnerabilities and other flaws in the source code. This review is important since there are chances of the flaws being missed out in the black box testing and grey box testing methodologies and their presence can threaten the security of the application.

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To initiate the process of security code audit, our experts conduct a thorough study of the application and on the basis of the information gained, they create a comprehensive threat profile.



We develop a specific code reviewer plan after studying your code layout in detail. After that we verify the automated scans by using our hybrid approach. This is followed by performing custom manual audit .



After reviewing the code and identifying the presence of bugs, security breaches and the vulnerabilities in the source code, we provide final reports which also has solution for the existing flaws.

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